Isla Santa Catalina Trip Summary (19 photos)

After about a ten year hiatus from the annual Catalina Island trips that my family used to take, my dad, sister and I finally reunited on the island and found it just about the way we left it.  Catalina is still beautiful, smells just the same, and is full of some cool wildlife.  I even got a few shots of the following:

Seals & Sea Lions

dsc 0594

The trip up (in accordance with my prediction) did, in fact, make me seasick, but it was short-lived.  After a ten-hour sail we were alongside the island and making our way into White’s Landing. That’s where we met up with Lindsay (Ms. Stewart Science) and a camp full of her students on a field trip in the cove.

After a few days with Lindsay at White’s (where I made some final changes to my thesis) and a brief visit to “Buffalo Beach”, we headed to the West End.   This is where my Catalina memories were made (and same goes for my father, and grandparents). We stayed a night in Howland’s Landing for some hiking, visiting Emerald Bay and Parson’s landing.  From there we motored out to Santa Barbara Island where we met a ton of pinnipeds.  On the way home we took the weather-side route, stopping in Catalina Harbor for a while.

Catalina will always be a special place to me.  Ten years is too long to wait between visits.  Hopefully the next one will be sooner.  For now the following album will have to suffice:


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